Casius' Archeotech Plasma Pistol

One of the only remaining "Terra pattern" STC plasma pistols that still exist

weapon (ranged)

Plasma Pistol

Class Ranged

Damage 2D10+8 pen 6

Range 30


Clip 30

RLD Full


The Standard Template construct system was developed in the late years of the Dark Age of Technology, many of its original paterns are the forerunners of Imperial weapons used today, infact many copies of are the exact template of the tecnology or “Terra Pattern” like the Melta and Plasma weapons which prove to complex for even the Mechanicus of Mars to improve upon. Most STC paterns have been lost, the Imperium surviving on the more easily produced and watered down versions that survived the Age of Strife.
Occasionally a weapon, vehicle or armour turns up that seems simpler than modern Imperial variants but functions flawlessly these could well be original STC “Terra Pattern” versions and are usually sent straight to the Mechanicus of Mars for study.

Casius’ Pistol is just such an item, produced from an STC on Chaeroneia, pillaged by a Rogue Trader, gifted through his family and scavenged again and again, its worth clearly visable and its potency more than useful.
So it came to be the property of the Squat cheiftain Kurgan Ironbeard who fought with his League alongside the Avalos 9th in the purification of Demeter, the Beastmen infected world that would see the end of Kurgan and the Most of his League. The pistol was giften to Armen Dern, a simple Gaurdsmen, for saving Ironbeards life, Armen was himself greviously wounded and med-evaced eventually returning to Avalos with his hidden prize.
The weapon passed from one to another again, tradionally now in payment for a great act of valour on the field of battle, and so it arrived in the hands of Brother Elyas of the Dark Angels who himself gifted it to his Battle-Brother Casius in recognition of a debt of blood upon the battlefield.
How old it is no-one knows, nor through how many hands it has passed, or how many it will before its ancient systmes no longer pulse with energy and it is hurled at an enemy in its final destructive act……………

Casius' Archeotech Plasma Pistol

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