Mr Pointy

Big Sword

weapon (melee)

Sacris Claymore

Class Melee

Damage 2D10+14

Type Rending

Pen 2/7

Special Rules Unbalanced


An heirloom of the house of Garl, the blade “Redeemer” was passed from champoin to champion until ift found itself in the hands of the young warrior Casius.
Almost slain in battle and revived to become an Astartes of the Storm Wardens Chapter, Casius reforged Redeemer to be a worthy weapon of an Astartes and a symbol of his reforging to be a weapon of the Emperor of Man. Casius has never let Redeemer leave his side, as to do so would insult his ancestors and leave him naked to his enemies. Whistfully he refers to his blade as Mr pointy, as to speak its true name to a fellow warrior would be to gift him the power of the weapons spirit, and invite destruction.
Redeemer has seen action on countless worlds and has sealed the fate of many of its master’s most reviled enemy, the Traitor Astartes, now it’s spirit is brought to bear upon the foul Xenos, as his master takes his first steps in his mission with the mighty Deathwatch, the militant arm of the Inquisition’s Ordo Xenos.

“The Emperor is my sheild, I am his sword”

Mr Pointy

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