Deathwatch Kill Team - Entering Jericho's Reach - Heroes of Mankind

Initiates - The War for Avalos
Initiates - The War for Avalos

As initiates the battle brothers of the Kill Team Wytch complete a series of daring actions to destroy the a Hive ship of the Tyranid Dagon Swam.

Mission: Purge the Genestealer Infestation
Primary Objectives
• Kill the Broodlord
• Send an Astropathic Message for Help – Astropath Ascendant Elsharn
Secondary Objectives
• Rescue the Lord-Governor – Lord-Governor Perian Thorsholt
• Help the PDF Recapture the City
Targets of Opportunity
• Kill the Roaming Genestealers
• Kill the Rebel Leaders
• Gather PDF Support

Mission: Weaken the Tyranid Assault
Primary Objective: Flood planes below Valshari Dam
Primary Objective: Strike the Vanguard, defend the Saint of Scintilla
Secondary Objective: Gather Tyranid Intelligence

Mission: Cripple the Tyranid Hive Ship
Primary Objective
• Destroy the Hive Ship’s Hive Mind Link
Secondary Objective
• Destroy the Hive Ship’s Vital Systems – Weapons and Shields
• Recover a Pure Sample of the Hive Fleet Dagon Genus
Targets of Opportunity
• Rescue Survivors


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