Adventure Log - Thunders Word

I know no fear except failure

“Redeem with Bolter. Cleanse with Flamer. Purify from Orbit” Inquistor Kryptman Ordos Xenos

Aboard the Death-watch Strike Cruiser Thunders-word

This vessel is like many I have seen and travelled upon, a huge behemoth nearly two thousand paces in length, with vaulted passages and dark corridors leading to austere compartments or huge cathedral like spaces. Laid down roughly a millennium ago at the Mars primary fleet yards, the Thunders-word was built to high standards and gifted to the Deathwatch for service in the Jerico’s Reach. She has recived countless honours in the service of the Golden Throne.

Since my kill team and I boarded this vessel something has felt wrong, somewhere beneath the surface there was a feeling of unease and perhaps malice. A feeling undefined. After our heroes welcome I sought solice in prayer to cleanse this feeling from my soul, prehaps my curse, my blessing, made me more suseptible to the ships “taint”.

My Brothers had other things on thier mind; Hotheaded Navar went to the apothicarian to resupply and investigate the samples he had recovered, Brother Skold found the company of his fellow space wolves and thier ale of Fenris too much of a comfort to ignore, like me I feel he misses his true brothers. Brother Casius too sought his own kin the wardons too shared the ale of Russ’s children. Our dependable devistator went for ammunition, Brother Mobius is a marine of few words but I have seen fewer with more dedication to thier weapon.

While deep in prayer in the ships huge vaulted Chapel, while giving thanks and praise to the Almighty God-Emperor of Man, the Golden Throne and his son the Primarch Guilliman, The Master Chaplain of the Strike Cruiser approached me. He was resplendent in full Mk VI battle gear and wore his skull-faced helm. He carried his Crozurus Acarnum in hand, both a sign of office and a mighty weapon.

“Well Met Brother Ultramarine I am Chaplain Verax, I overheard your prayers and trust you to be a pious Angel of the Emperor. Welcome aboard the Thunders-Word” the speakers of his helmet echoed in the austere chapel

“That I am and thank you, I am Brother Urial, Son of Ultramar and your servant. I follow the words and teachings of my Primarch and Emperor above all. Will you join me in prayer? I feel I need cleansing, such proximity to the xenos is anthema to my very soul..”

Chaplain Verax seemed pleased at my response it looked to me as though a weight had been lifted from his shoulders, I would soon learn he had been waiting for a trustworthy Astartes to come within his chapel for some time.

“There is no time for that, something is not right on this ship, do you feel it?” Verax said in hushed tones as if wary of evesdroppers.

“You feel it too? It claws at the back of my mind, beyond sight, I thought it a feeling of something long passed, an echo that only a Librarian could sense?”

“No my brother, something more sinister, I fear nothing, but this worries even me… I find that I require the help of you and your kill team. I had heard you have recently returned from battling the Hive Fleet Dagon. You are new to this vessel and whatever taints it cannot have touched you yet, there are things afoot that trouble me greatly, I do not know to whom I can turn. I entrust you with a mission of the utmost delicacy and import! Gather your brethren and seek out the Librarium there you will find Brother Epolistolary Jarrel, he, I know, will be able to direct you further, be careful in whom you place your trust.”

Initially shocked that such a thing would be necessary aboard one of the Impiriums fighting vessels I accepted my mission a sought my Kill-team.

I switched to our private squad Vox channel as I left the Chapel and headed towards my cell where my armour awaited me. The feeling of unease growing now that its validity had been confirmed by Chaplain Verax, a warrior of such esteem.

“Brothers, I need you to meet me urgently. I greatly require your assistance” I was worried that this would be overheard so I did not impart further information, Navar and Mobius were the only ones to answer;

“Brother Urial, It is I Mobius, I am still in the armory, performing maintenance rituals.” he said gruffly, he semed agreeved for the inturuption.

“I will join you there once I have been to my cell”

“I am still in the Apothicarium, I will be there as soon as I can. What is it Brother?” said Navar

“I will not say at present Brother Navar, will you find Brother Skold and meet us in the Armoury presently? I believe he is with the other Space Wolves” Brother Skold would be busy enjoying the revelry of our previous missions success and his over eagerness to remove his helmet in any enviroment and at any opportunity ment it was always unlikly he would recieve my call to arms.

“I will do my best, I shall follow the smell!”.

The armoury was a good place to start and re-arm. I was low on ammunition and did not know what path lay before us. “By the fortress of Hera”, I prayed, my dear hope that no ammunition would be required on this mission, but as the great Roboute Guilliman’s codex teaches “when tasked, be armed”.

Once at the Librium we met with Brother Epistolary Jarral he confirmed that something was not as it should be. He also felt the presence of an indefinable threat. He knew that an evil lurked nearby and people were not whom they seemed? That Loyal and trustworthy Marines were disappearing, Cassus and Elyus could not be found and that NO ONE was to be trusted!

Glad the Kill-Team and I had armed ourselves we were preparing suitable action when the Watch Captain and five brother Black Templers stormed into the Librium uninvited and accused the Librarian and I of treachery… our warp taint beyond his control he feared that we were the cause of the disappearances and the feeling of unease! He told us that we were not to be trusted and we must remain in the Librium under guard until he resolved this issue! He and His guard raised their weapons and awaited our response! My Battle Brothers stood by me and did not bow to the Captain, not beliving his words to be true. I too was unsure what to do. Disappearances and spectors of hate dancing beyond my vision caused me to question everything! our weapons poised…

Epistolary Jarrel stood to his full height resplendent in his armour, eldritch fire in his eyes, he ordered the Captain from his sanctum…. we were on the brink of darkness and bloodshed!

“Stop Brothers, Not since the dark heresy has brother fought brother! There is no time for this….” I cast my sword at the watch captain’s feet, “I will not raise my blade against any whom are loyal to the Emperor. Our enemy awaits us out there! We should fight it together! We the Librarians are here to combat the threats unseen by most and our power gifted from the Emperor himself, he saw the wisdom of our inclusion in the Legion and chapters since”
My brothers stood down from the abyss of heresy and lowered their weapons, we awaiting our fate together, the captain approached us.

“You speak well, Brother wych, I hear nought but truth in your words”

“I would follow my Captain into the Eye of Terror” said I “what do you command my Lord?”
The Watch Captain went on to explain that he was headed aft to engineering and that we should head to the bridge to secure and assist the Commander of the vessel, Brother Pallas. Brother Epistolary Jerel sought the identity of the threat in meditation.

On the way to the bridge, we went to the Chapel to see if Chaplin Varex would join us. He was not there and of him there was no sign, two brothers knelt in prayer and I we approached the Black Shield we asked if he knew whence Varex had gone. He was terse, rude and we told him so he gave no answer of our Chaplin Brother before leaving the Chapel. . Worried now for the fate of Varex I spoke to the second Marine, a Salamander, son of Vulcan, he told us he did not know but was also worried of Varex’s fate and the his kill team, whom had vanished. I took an instant liking to the guarded but respectful Salamander and asked if he would join us. He chose instead to search for his Kill-Team and we headed to the bridge.

On the long and twisting route to the bridge we were exiting a lift into a small access corridor when we were ambushed, the bang and report was Bolter fire! The shapes moving before us…. Deathwatch!

We sprang into action; Mobus laid waste to them, Skolds accurate fire decapitated them, Navars’s chainsword disembowelled them and using my Blade slew them. We carved our way through three waves of them… Black Shields, Deathwatch, Brothers.

Once the echoes of deadly combat faded we investigated our foe, I removed the helmet and looked into the face of the last primarch… Alpharius the golden skin made it clear to me whom our true enemy was. “Alpha Legion aboard the Thunders-Word and infiltrated the Deathwatch! By the Throne of Terra” I looked into the eyes of the fallen “Foul Traitor know that when my primarch killed yours he felt only the still of betrayal, as I do now”


Adventure Log - Thunders Word

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