Inquisitor Darrius Vex

Inquisitor Vex is well known within the Ordo Xenos as the most ruthless Xenos hunter in the segmentum, Totally dedicated to his job, he performs it with empassioned zeal and uncompromising focus. His willingness to do anything to stop a xenos menace has earnt him and the Inquisition a terrible reputaion.

Vex is responsible for the burning of Pelagius where 168,000,000,000 citizens where incinerated without warning when an outbreak of Ymgarl Genestealers was deemed likely to spread to quikly to be viably handled. Vex didnt’t even make planetfall or send in Astartes, for him it was a simple matter of arithmatic and deploying a few dozen melta charges.

Vex is also the only known survivor of The Fist Of Vengeance, an Imperial Hawks’ Battle Barge who’s warp drive went critical after an infection of the Xenos Glarian Plague. All official records are sealed but access to warp drive command controls is restricted to high level officers only, and his was the only of 500 escape pods launched

Inquisitor Vex’ end came not at the the hand oof the Hated Xenos, but at that of the most foul, the powers of Chaos, he been conducting the cleansing of Renoir’s World with the Astartes of the Deathwatch, a premise of his own devising to route out the infiltrators in his midst, the Arch Heretics of the Alpha Legion. Word had been sent from his fellow Inquisitor Manannan Blackarm of the Ordo Hereticus that the Legion had taken hold in the Deathwatch posing as Blacksheilds. The plan they hatched together was to direct an infected space hulk to an agri world and have the Deathwatch mobilised to cleanse the threat, all suspected Blacksheilds would be deployed, scrutinised and dealt with.
The plan did not go exactly as planned when, the infestation on Renoir’s World became difficult and more troops had to be drafted in. Vex’ only recourse would be to deal with the Blacksheilds on the trip home. A fatal error in planning saw Vex and the loyalists outnumbered and once in the warp, the Alpha Legion, sensing the kind of clandestine operation for which they where known launched an attack to cripple the Thunders Word.
Ultimately Vex’ plan succeeded and the Alpha Legion plot was dealt with, the Deathwatch was purified and one was even captured for interrogation, but Vex himself Perished. Exactly how the ruthless Inquisitor died is unknown, what foe he faced and what hell it brought to bear on him, but known is this, in his last moments he fought alone for the salvation of the many, as he had so many times before, he lived and died an Inquisitor, feared, hated, Steadfast, the sharpened point of the Emperors wrath……

Inquisitor Darrius Vex

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