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Adventure Log – Thunders Word

Due to Brother Urial’s Adventure Log being a work of fiction that I’m writing for my own enjoyment. I’ve moved it from the Adventure log tab, which I’m told is really for Objectives etc.

Kill Team Decimus Secundus;

Sword Brother Raimer Played by BP

Brother Elyas Played by BP

Brother Librarian Urial Played by JP

Brother Navarre Played by GS

Brother Skold Played by FC

Casius Player MC

Vessels of the Imperium;

Thunders word

This vessel is like many I have seen and travelled upon, a huge behemoth nearly two thousand paces in length, with vaulted passages and dark corridors leading to aster compartments or huge cathedral like spaces.Laid down roughly a millennium ago at the Mars primary fleet yards, the Thunders-word was built to high standards and gifted to the Deathwatch for service in the Jerico’s Reach. She has recived countless honours in the service of the Golden Throne.

NPC Characters

Chaplain Verax

Inquisitor Darrius Vex

Brother Epistolary Jarrel

Brother Commander Pallas

Brother Kazon Hyme

Brother Garidean

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