Thunders word

Thunder’s Word, Gladius Class Frigate:

Details by GalagaGalaxian not myself.

Crew Skill Rating: 40
NPC Crew Actions: 4
Crew: 100%
Morale: N/A
Speed: 11
Maneuverability: +31
Detection: +25
Hull Integrity: 35/35
Armor: 18(20 front)
Turret Rating: 4
Space: 45/45
Power: 47/47
Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 2

Plasma Drive: Lathe-Pattern Class 2b “Escort” Drive
Warp Drive: Markov 1 Warp Engine / Warpsbane Hull
Void Shields: Castellan Void Shield
Ship’s Bridge: Command Bridge
Life Sustainers: M-1.r Life Sustainer
Crew Quarters: Pressed Crew Quarters
Auger Arrays: Deep Void Auger Array


Dorsal Staravar Turbo-Laser Macrobattery
Strength 4, 1d10+2 Damage, Crit 4, Range 13

Dorsal Staravar Turbo-Laser Macrobattery
Strength 4, 1d10+2 Damage, Crit 4, Range 13

Augmented Retro-Thrusters
Micro Laser Defence Grid
Drop Pod and Thunderhawk Bay
Empyrean Mantle
Reinforced Prow

Best Quality Turbo-Weapon Batteries x2
Best Quality Servitor Crew (Skill 40)
Best Quality Star Chart Collection
Good Craftmanship Atomics x3

Background – Deathwatch Vessel:

Emperor’s Crusader: All BS skill tests to fire the ship’s weapons gain a 10 Bonus
Strike and Fade: All Silent Running manoeuvres the ship performs gain a +10 Bonus
Duty Unto Death: When this ship is crippled, the ship’s Captain may make a Challenging (
0) Command Test. If the Test is successful, the ship does not suffer the effects of being crippled during its subsequent turn.

Assorted Bonuses:
Atomics (Good Quality): Nuclear Warhead, Capable of destroying a hive spire between 5-10 km across. Can be adapted into a torpedo or macrocannon shell, does 1d5+5 hits doing 1d10+6 damage each, void shields and armor protect against this normally, however all hits are added together as a salvo. If detonated deep inside a ship or station, destruction is guaranteed.
Castellan Void Shield: During one opponent’s turn, the ship’s Engineseer may make a Difficult (-10) Tech-Use Test, this does not count as the Engineseer’s Extended Action. If he Succeeds, the ship doubles its number of void shields for the duration of a single opponent’s strategic turn.
Command Bridge: 5 to Command Tests by Captain, +5 to Ship Weapon BS Tests
Empyrean Mantle: All tests to detect this vessel while in Silent Running increase their difficulty by two degrees.
Markov 1 Warp Engine: Reduces base travel time for a journey through the Immaterium by 1d5 weeks.
Reinforced Prow: Ship has +2 armor in front facing, does +1d5 damage when ramming.
Servitor Crew (Best Quality): Morale is always 100%, Crew losses reduced by 50% (minimum 1), Crew Skill Rating = 40
Star Chart Collection (Best Quality): Reduces Warp Travel times by 1d5
5 days, to a minimum of one.
Turbo-Weapon Batteries x2 (Best Quality): Ignores penalties for firing at double range, +5 to Weapon’s BS Tests
Warpsbane Hull: Any Navigation Tests to pilot the ship through the warp gain a +10 Bonus. When rolling on the Warp Travel Encounters table, the GM rolls twice and allows the Navigator to chose which result is applied.

Thunders word

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