Brother Navarre

Semi-psychotic, hot-headed yet reliably capable combat medic.


Chapter: Blood Angels
Chapter Demeanour: Red Thirst
Personal Demeanour: Hot-Headed
Speciality: Apothecary/Sanguinary Priest
Rank: 4

WS: 65( +10 vs Aliens/ +10 Frenzy/ Parry: +15 Shield, +10 Chainsword, BS: 41(21 Frenzy), S: 42(10/12 Frenzy), T: 53(10), AG: (7)0, INT: (5)7, PER: (4)0, WP: (4)0/(5)0 Frenzy, FEL: (1)9

Initiative: 9 (7 ag + 2 master wargear)

Wounds: 23

Movement: /Jump-pack

  • Half: 8/46
  • Full: 16/32
  • Charge: 24/48
  • Run: 48/96

Renown: 51
Insanity Points: 27
Insanity Condition/s: None
Corruption Points: 9

XP Purchases:
Weapon Skill – Simple 200xp, Weapon Skill – Intermediate 500xp, Weapon Skill – Trained 1000xp, Intelligence – Simple 200xp, Intelligence – Intermediate 500xp, Agility – Simple 500xp, Toughness – Simple 500xp, Toughness – Intermediate 1000xp.
Spent: 4400xp
Acrobatics – Trained 200xp, Acrobatics – +10% 600xp, Acrobatics – +20% 600xp, Medicae – +10% 400xp, Medicae – +20% 600xp, Demolitions – Trained 400xp, Tech-Use – Trained 500xp, Pilot (Personal) – Trained 100xp.
Spent: 3400xp
Furious Assault 600xp, Frenzy 400xp, Battle Rage 400xp, Assassin Strike 500xp, Flesh Render 500xp, Signature Wargear (Jump-Pack) 500xp, Hunter of Aliens 1000xp, Sound Constitution (Rank 1-1) 500xp, Signature Wargear Master (Storm Shield) 1000xp.
Spent: 4400xp
Total XP Spent: 25100
Total Character XP: 25104


-My Armour is Contempt,
-My Shield is Disgust,
-My Sword is Hatred,
-In the Primarch’s name, let none survive!"

After initiation to full chapter status upon successfully completing term of service in scout (10th) company, Navarre was selected for Medicae training and indoctrination into Sanguinary priesthood as a Novice before advancing through the ranks until attaining full priesthood within the Sanguinary and posting to the 2nd Company Command Squad. Always regarded as blessed with an over-active adrenal gland – causing (sometimes) severe temper flares, Navarre was then posted to the Death Company as secondary chief Sanguinary Priest. The reason given was that Navarre had a unique understanding of a Blood Angels battle rage and could effectively attend to those still deemed fit for service (though truth be told higher ranking Sanguinaries suspected more than a little influence of the red-thirst in Navarre’s temperament and partly posted him to the death company in case of further manifestation. Whether Navarre will succumb to the Black Rage remains to be seen). During the cleansing of a tyranid space hulk Navarre and one other were the only survivors from his squad and only made it out thanks to 1st company terminators subsequent arrival and take-over (the other marine later died from wounds received). Rather than be assigned to a new squad, Navarre requested a sojourn of sorts and the chapter commanders suggested a period of service within the Deathwatch. Navarre willingly accepted and, privately, hoped for further contact with the xenos scum that dispatched so many of the marines under his care.

Combat Ethics: Will attend to fallen and injured brothers no matter the obstacle. With no-one to attend to however, Navarre revels in close-combat, feeling the bite of his weapons into his opponents flesh. N.B. Can be distracted almost to the point of dereliction sometimes while in the heat of a fight – especially if injured or angered in some way.

Armour History: Thy Strength Be Legend After demonstrating considerable martial prowess with melee weapons (bested only by his medical expertise), Navarre was presented with a suit of power armour that had been wielded by noted Blood Angels who all performed incredible feats of strength at some point during their service to the Emperor. (Armour destroyed during battle with the Jarrel-Daemon.)
Replacement Armour History: Mk.6 “Corvus” Armour (2x Armour History rolls):
1. Destroyed and Rebuilt Using what parts were salvaged from Navarre’s destroyed armour a new set of Power Armour was pieced together with the bulk being made up of some ancient Mk.6 that needed a few extra components to function properly.
2. Mk.8 Elements Navarre’s Power Armour was nearly complete but just needed bit more work on the chest plate (incorporating elements of the newest, Mk.8 armour) to complete.
This set of Armour was presented to Brother Navarre upon discharge from the Apothecarium and now seems to have always been a part of this marine’s persona so comfortably did he mesh with it.

Recent Events: With the sabotage and subsequent infiltration of the Thunders Word by the forces of Chaos, Navarre and his kill team (with the help of few others) managed to reach the astropath who then translated the stricken ship out of the warp. With this done they were then able to systematically cleanse the ship whilst heading to the engineering deck to A. affect repairs on the gellar field generator and B. confront the main source of the on-board corruption. This turned out to be a demon-possessed Jarrel who was the ships’ Epistolary. During the ensuing fight, demon-Jarrel was defeated but none of the kill team escaped unscathed with Brother Navarre left barely clinging to life after a particularly vicious psychic attack struck him with elemental energies so vast that they boiled the skin from his body, leaving him permanently disfigured. 9 weeks in the apothecarium has managed to heal some of the damage but the once flawless Blood Angel will be forever marred and who knows how deep the scars will run?

Brother Navarre

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