Sword Brother Raimer

Black Templar Tac Marine


Chapter: Black Templars
Chapter Demeanour: Zelous
Personal Demeanour: Ambitious
Speciality: Tactical Marine
Chapter Trapping: Tabbard – Ornamental Heraldry (+2 Fel)

WS: 45, BS: 55, S: (108)44, T: (88)44, AG: 51, INT: 46, PER: 40, WP: 56, FEL: 49.

Wounds: 21
Renown: 43

XP Purchases:
WS Simple 500XP; BS Simple 500XP + Inter 1000XP; Fel Simple 200XP; WP Simple 200XP + Inter 500XP

Interrogation: Trained 200XP + 10% 200XP + 20% 200XP
Ciphers(Xenos): Trained 200XP + 10% 400XP
Ciphers(Inquisition): Trained 200XP
Common Lore(Jericho Reach): Trained 400XP
Common Lore(Deathwatch): +10% 200XP
Search: Trained 400XP
Pilot(Personal): Trained 100xp
Awareness: +10% 300XP
Inquiry: Trained 800XP
Scrrutiny: Trained 400XP
Decive: Trained 400XP
Drive(Skimmer/Hover): Trained 600XP

Air of Authority 500XP; Abhor the Wytch 800XP; Hip Shooting 500XP; Double Team 200XP; Rapid Reload 200XP; Marksman 600XP

Unspent XP: 1390XP
XP Spent: 12,000 + 7,900 + 2,700 + 600 = 23,200XP
Total Character XP: 24,590XP


Fire rained from the sky, the mountains shook for hundreds of miles, forests burned, the opening salvo ceased. Then the angels of death came to Gravisolus VII. The leaders of this small world had defied the orders and offers of the holy messengers. So they came with His word, and sword.

On pillars of fire twelve midnight black drop pods rained into the defences of Capital city; its already tarnished and cracked marble palace tremored with the impacts. The defenders, two full companies of the planetary defence leered at the invaders. Two thousand men in a series of trenches and pill boxes believed they were a bulwark against such a pitiful force. Not one among them had seen the fury, the zealous fire that would soon sweep across the plaza and send there souls to be judged by Him on Terra. The targeting spirits of the pods were appeased as the furthest pod was but 30 meters from the lines. In unison the adamantine doors opened and as one the inhabitants stormed out, space marines, Black Templar’s. Only now did His enemies begin to understand. The impotent PDF died to a man…

The dust settled and the blood drained into the gore saturated trenches, the final cries of the PDF were extinguished by combat knives and chainswords.

Castellian Raimer strode out of a bunker complex sheathing his now deactivated Powersword. Resplendent in the Emperors’ Champion Armour, as old as the founding of the chapter and a relic of unimaginable value. “Report, all squads”. This day it was not his duty to lead, he was the Emperors’ Champion, his duty was to seek out the champions and leaders of the opposition and slay them in single combat. As it was, there was little to contend with and the defences of this city had fallen in a matter of hours. Acknowledgement runes flashed in his helmet display. For now at least the Emperors peace had fallen on Gravisolus VII.

Raimer removed the crested helm of the honored artificer armour, took a deep cleansing breath. Giving thanks in His name that the conflict was short and none of his Sword Brothers has fallen in combat. His Dark hair in contrast to his pale skin, having spent all his adult life in battle or in prayer meant there was little time spent in the light of the countless worlds he had visited. Two golden service studs glinting in the evening sun, for over 100 years Raimer has fought in the name of the Emperor and brought peace with him.

Raimer bellowed to the assembled company “Our Lord Marshall will be pleased with this day, this crusade has brought His light to another world!” he knelt and continued “For the Emperor, Dorn and Sigismund we reclaim this planet from the darkness!”…

The sounds of battle raged from up ahead, perhaps some loyal battle brothers still remained? Hope flared for a moment in Raimers mind – the thought of completing his task alone was daunting. If he could persuade other survivors to join with him in the absolute destruction of the Thunders Word, his mission would become easier by far.. There was no way of knowing how many horrors of the warp had breached this ship of the Emperors divine crusade so its annihilation was the only way to be sure the taint did not spread.
Breaking into a run, Raimer hoped he would be able to swing the tide of this confrontation to the loyalist cause, but as he neared the corner the sounds faded.. Which side had been victorious.?

He recalled meeting the other Kill team; a young Ultramarine Wytch who seemingly lead them in their endeavours had sworn an oath this day to Watch Captain Sigismund. A psyker leading a kill team? It left the taste of bile in his throat.. Even on his second tour with this order, that the other chapters did not see the threat these beings brought into their midst was of the greatest surprise. This is perhaps a lesson they could learn by serving with the Sword Brethren of the Black Templars. That chance meeting now seemed like a lifetime ago, before the actions that had led him to this point. Being the last survivor of his Kill team had given him this sacred duty, to destroy this Holy ship was going to be a crime only the Emperor Himself could forgive.

Switching his sanctified weapon to Metal Storm rounds and the rate of fire to full, Raimer slowed to a walk. Bolter raised, he advanced to the corner. Taking and holding a half breath; he stepped forward to meet his new destiny….

Sword Brother Raimer

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