Aegis Cruor

Shield of Blood


Storm Shield

Armour Bonus: + 4 (wielding arm + body)
Force Field: 55
Overload: Normal 1-10, Exceptional 5, Mastercraft 1
Qualities: Defensive (+15 Parry, -10 Attack with shield)
Benefits: + 2 Initiative

Aegis Cruor (shield of blood) is an artefact betrothed to the deathwatch to be bestowed upon especially resilient blood angels currently pursuing a term of service within the watch.
To qualify for this shield a brother must have demonstrated selflessness upon a field of battle (and it be reported of course) and survive. upon returning to the deathwatch a fellow blood angel (albeit one of a higher chapter standing) my supposition the prospect of wielding said shield in future engagements – this may either be through the standard requisition or by petitioning the watch commander to be able to train surreptitiously in it’s use and claim it as a more personal affection.

These shields are said to have been forged upon Mars at the time when Sanguinius himself was visiting and have imbued in them, a single feather from Sanguinius’ wings, thus imbuing the wielder (so it is said) with a fraction of the preternatural clairvoyance of the primarch himself.

(Master Wargear benefit: War Spirit Aid – +2 Initiative)


Aegis Cruor

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